“The Times”

South Feeds Limited can trace their business origins to the early 1970’s when they developed a seed production enterprise, pursuing their passion to produce premium bird feeds for pigeons & wild birds. There has been considerable investment in modern equipment and techniques to develop the business nationally. Whilst South Feeds pledge wherever possible to use local ingredients from the vale of York and surrounding counties, these are complemented with imported straights sourced directly from growers who share their commitment to quality.

Pro-Herb Pellets with Herban Liquid

In the past 12 months, South Feeds have been working closely with Herban UK in partnership, to create a unique feed pellet to meet the nutritional requirements of pigeons. The Pro-Herb Pellets include Herban, a concentrated mix of Essential Oregano Oil which maintains gut integrity, thereby supporting the overall health status of the birds. Pro-Herb Pellets are further supplemented with Brewers Yeast, Saccharomyces Cerevisiae which, as well as containing a wide range of nutrients also encourages growth of good bacteria.

A combination of using in feed Pro-Herb Pellets and supplementing drinking water with Herban Liquid is a “Winning Formula”, according to the Herban Technical Team.