Herban UK – New Product Development “EVO RANGE”.

Herban UK are pleased to announce the launch of their “New Products” in the form of the “EVO RANGE”. The products encompass the general needs and production parameters to assist in the day to day management of Poultry.

EVO – Electrolyte is a combination of Essential Salts specially formulated to assist in the prevention of dehydration replacing body fluids supporting all poultry in periods of stress.
EVO- Mite is a combination of Essential Salts, Vitamins & Plant Extracts which stimulate the birds natural defences so the blood becomes a repellent which improves natural resistance against mite
EVO-HyD3 is a concentrated form of Hydroxy-Vitamin D which improves bone strength and density through rapid absorption from all poultry.
EVO – D3 Enhanced is a combination of Essential Vitamins, Minerals and Amino Acids aimed at immunity and leg strength resulting in a stronger skeleton in all poultry.
EVO – Calciplus is a concentrated mix of Calcium and Minerals which are essential for bone growth and formation. Calcium deficiencies in poultry result in poor egg quality and leg strength.
EVO – Biotic is a combination of Prebiotics, Vitamins & Antioxidants which enhances the gut health flora by altering the organisms in the gut microbiome resulting in active poultry growth.

William Stewart Managing Director comments “We have been in the process of developing the “EVO Range” for the past 12 months and only now are we ready to fully launch – we have implemented a full strategic management system to cater for supply to producers direct on farm and or through distribution channels, ensuring that products are accessible and affordable at all levels throughout the Poultry Industry…!”

Contact William for further details on products and pricing!

Email: info@herban.co.uk

Telephone Number: + 44 (0) 755 487 8080