Definition: Cryptosporidium, sometimes informally called crypto, is a genus of apicomplexan parasitic alveolus’s that can cause a respiratory and gastrointestinal illness that primarily involves watery diarrhoea with or without a persistent cough in both immunocompetent and immunodeficient animals (ref: Wikipedia).


Photo: Calves at farm location in Lancashire


Over the past 18 months, a farm in Lancashire has been evaluating the benefits of use, of Herban Liquid at the early stages during the calves’ life. Post colostrum Herban Liquid has been administered at a unique inclusion to over 500 calves, assessing the general parameters of performance. The farmers opinion is that with Cryptosporidium being the largest contributing factor to calf mortality in the UK, Herban Liquid used in the correct dosage, suppresses Cryptosporidium long enough for the calves to develop in the first month.


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