As the Game Season is upon us and with the increasing pressure of reducing the use of antibiotics in game farming, the industry needs to look towards alternative supportive products such as Essential Oils.

In commercial free range and organic poultry farming, Oregano Oil is used routinely as a management tool to assist management with the benefits of being non resistant to bacteria, no withdrawal times and non residual, encompassing cost effective performance at all production levels.

Oregano Oil, the key active ingredient in “Herban” has been shown to lower oocyst counts of animals challenged by internal protozoa infestation. This has the positive effects of increased live weight gain, higher feed intake, resulting in better liveability.

Herban Premix & Liquid Product


Herban UK are one of the leading UK suppliers of Oregano Oil, presenting products in liquid form for water systems and infeed premix which can offer supportive roles during production. The blend of oil from natural extract offers a unique taste and flavour to support water and feed consumption during periods of stress.

Herban is produced in a UK approved facility for the manufacture of feed stuffs under the EC Feed Hygiene Regulation 183/2005. All ingredients are approved under the EC Regulation 1831/2003. The company Herban UK, is fully approved by Universal Feed Assurance Scheme (UFAS) and members of Organic Farmers & Growers.