HERBABOOST – Oregano Drench

A Complementary Feeding Stuff For Ruminants From Day Old

“Herbaboost” has been designed to deliver an effective dose of “Oregano Oil” to day old calves, lambs & goats to promote gut health and rumen development.

A single dose will supply key ingredients for gut health, including propylene glycol and B Vitamins required by young ruminants pre-weaning.

Oregano Oil, the key active ingredient in “Herbaboost” has been shown to lower oocyst counts of animals challenged by internal protozoa infestation.

This has the positive effects of increased live weight gain, higher feed intake, and improved feed conversion rates.


Herbaboost Drench Packaging


Coccidiosis is said to be one of the most critical intestinal diseases affecting the cattle industry, due to its deleterious effect on farm incomes. In most cases, before any symptoms are visible, damage from the disease has already occurred.

Cryptosporidiosis currently has no vaccines available and treatment options are limited. The key to combating and reducing on farm incidences of both diseases is good calf management and a robust prevention action plan.