Export Growth Development Fund for Overseas Business

William Stewart of Herban UK states “In the past 2 years within the position of Managing Director, Herban has become the “Oregano Essential Oil” of choice throughout the UK industry with profound results. Due to increasing demand further office expansion has taken place within the premises of South Shields Business Work Office to cope with expansive growth development.

William Stewart (MD) second from left with associates

With the significant success in the domestic market, the company set sights on the International Sector. Herban UK became aware of various “Export Growth Programme’s” through the South Tyneside Council which were applied for, exclusively selected and awarded funds for Overseas Business Development. On a global base Herban Premix & Liquid is now being exported to Central & South America, Africa, Middle East & Asia. The company has plans in place to further develop the “Sales & Technical Team” in key strategic markets.